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Larry Live at Burke Centre Fall Festival 2017

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August 4, 2022 After hosting at Caffe Amori for the last 4 years on and off, I had to turn a page. It has been great and I want to thank Michael Amori for allowing me to host the "Beat" open mic nights. I'm moving forward on my solo performances and song writing. Catch me at the Burke Wine Garden in September. 

October 2, 2021 - Larry's Amigos is signed on to perform at the Burke Centre Wine Garden on Friday October 22nd from 7:30 -9:30. Mark Johnsn our fine keyboard and guitar player will sit this one out. We look forward to Mark joining us in the near future. Andale !!

September 6, 2021  Looking down the road at refining my song writing and recording skills.  Playing live has taken a back seat to becoming a better singer and song writer. 

Nove 24, 2020 Happiness is family ! As we prepare to celebrate another Thanksgiving we thank God for our family. We also remember to thank God because all blessings are from him. I am listening to the great Phil Keaggy as I type this. His album "All at Once"... not a bad tune in this fine work..."somebody call the doctor..cuz this world is a troubled soul".....Peace and Love on this Thanksgiving. A special shout out to my brother Knights. 

July 15, 2020 Well COVID19 drained the life out of many things but not the love of music. i think that is what has kept my sanity. The ability to hear and create new music. I am blessed to work with great musicians like Mark Johnson and John Sterling. I create my little demos and they help make it enjoyable to listen to. Working on some new tracks but PEACE is one i think should just be left an instrumental. 

We aren't that different 
You and I 
We laugh, we sing, we cry, we sigh 
We aren't dancing for that long 
Soon we are gone gone gone 

Larry Saenz


Feb 9, 2020 Hey it's been awhile. The Amigos have hit a fork in the road but it's good to know that our travels may lead us back to the same pueblo one day. Meanwhile, things are looking up for my little family which has been all I have had time for. I see that my hosting at Caffe Amouri will not end and that's a good thing. I have many things to share and have decided to refocus on my originals. The newest composition being, "Love Never Dies". I will debut it at my next open mic on March 18th. Hope to see you there. 

Oct 7t, 2019 The new project - Larry & Amigos is officially off the ground. After a great show at the Burke Centre Fall Festival Wine Garden the boys are ready to begin filling their show schedule for balance of the year and 2020. Contact Paco at 703-832-1042 to book a show. You'll be glad you did. 

Sept 4, 2019 Larry's Amigos get ready to hit the stage at the 42nd Burke Centre Fall Festival. This year we will be performing at the Wine Garden one of the favorite events of the festival. Larry's new band consists of Mr. Mark Johnson on keyboards, Mr. Steve Delaney on guitar and bass and Mr. Steve Keister on Drums. Each member is highly talented in their instrument and will add all the texture I have been dreaming of. I will play my Taylor acoustic and do the lion share of lead vocals. Dad, tomorrow is your birthday, Sept 5th. I dedicated my set to you, my best friend and first teacher. I know you will be smiling from heaven. 

June 30, 2019  Looking to create some new collaborations with new and old friends. I want to bring a more festive feel to live shows with latin rock, r&b, funky stuff and jazz. 

Dec 1st 2018 was the date that changed the course of my son Jason's life. Jason fell through the sky light at his apartment in Los Angeles and suffered a spinal cord injury. He is paralyzed from the waist down. Our family is heart broken but we carry on. We still have Jason to make us laugh and lift our spirits. For this we are very thankful. Jason has a powerful and beautiful spirit and I know he is working towards being the very best he can. Jason is my inspiration and will always be my hero. 

"Seduced by Righteous Eating" is released 

Here's my latest song for your listening pleasure. A conflict between wanting to try the vegan life but liking meat too much. The riff came to be many months ago and the thought of food choices started to pop into my head. Some of my friends don't know what Quinoa is but you food fans probably do. 

Solo CD in the Works  

I have been fortunate to be working with a great engineer from Bassmental Studios in Great Falls, Virginia. Brad has helped me with three tracks so far and I need to go in and finish "Seduced by Righteous Eating" track 3. The plan is to have 10 original compositions in the can by the end of 2019. No small order as each is a labor of love. You can hear the first two out of Brad's studio on the website. "Crazy Bopping Girl" and "Shake Your Body". 

I have a two new ones in contention for number 4. "Cali Rain", " and All that Came Before" . Stay tuned.  

Older Tracks

I have melodies in my head every day. The challenge is to organize them into something meaningful. Three minutes of a feeling that I want to share with you. Here they are for your listening.